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Why should I have a mobile exchange? 

Direct your calls quickly and easily to the right person. Increase your team's productivity and improve your customer experience. Work smart with your mobile, desktop computer, tablet or laptop on the Nordics' largest exchange platform.

A stylish front for your company

In order to give yourselves a more professional look to your customers and a more professional treatment, we can adapt the structure of the exchange based on your needs. We can adjust your menu choices, opening hours and number of users so that the right department or the right person receives the right calls.

Customization according to your needs

We build your exchange together with you based on your business needs. We adapt the exchange and set your opening hours and enter the desired information that will reach your end customer. Everything from a welcome message to a short greeting "Thank you for calling Växeln AB, we will take your call right away". If you receive several calls at the same time, we add a queue function that reduces the risk of missing your next customer. The gear is suitable for everything from small to large entrepreneurs, below we show which industries the gear has been successful in.