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Unlimited mobile broadband up to 80mbit/s right now for only 599/month

Did you know that we run a campaign when you order via the website? High speed in Tele2's famous mobile network that covers 80% of Sweden's surface.

Why should I have a mobile broadband? 

Are you on the move a lot? Do you not fully trust your internet provider? Do you feel like you want the freedom to surf wherever you want? Our mobile broadband gives you the opportunity to surf all over Sweden on the 3G and 4G network.
Tele2's network is otherwise very well known for its stability and high speed. When you sign up for a mobile broadband, you get a SIM card that you can insert into any device that supports mobile surfing. Perfect when you're out and about, on your way to a customer visit or want to use your tablet in the car? Then a mobile broadband is perfect for you!

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Now you get the opportunity to save more when you bundle your mobile subscriptions with us. The more you collect, the more discount you get - simple!
Do you have a friend you want to recruit to us? Then you have just arranged half the price on your invoice for the next 3 months!

Boundless communication within the entire EU

Did you know that your subscription works the same outside the EU as it does at home in Sweden?